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Authentication Management

Crypttech CryptoSpot - Practical and Secure Internet Connectivity

CRYPTOSPOT is a gateway software that helps you share your wired or wireless internet access and provide it to your customers and / or visitors. By using CRYPTOSPOT, you can authorize a traveler, your customers or your employees for safe, fast and easy internet access.

CRYPTOSPOT not only provides you a reliable internet access with charge or free of charge to your network but also provides statistical reporting information and data storage. When connected to the network, the user is authorized with the welcome page. It can be integrated by SMS, AD (Active Directory), National Identity Sources, Web Service, Social Media, Rest API, Sponsor Mail, Hotel-Visitor Programs and Front Office Software.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Secure internet gateway for customers, visitors and a specific network
  • Hardware and vendor independent, easy to install HotSpot server
  • Variety in authorization methods
  • Usage templates, access profiles and user configuration flexibility
  • Location based welcome page, IP-MAC, white-black lists, URL filtering
  • Bandwidth / Quota management, defining access limits
  • Access without authentication, redirect after login
  • SMS, Social Media, Sponsor, PMS (Front Office), Standard Users, Web Services authentication
  • Statistical dashboards, web access records, executive reports
  • Customized welcome pages, mobile / tablet compatibility, multi-language support
  • Advertising / Digital Marketing and survey management
  • RESTful API support for integration and development