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Data Loss Prevention & Data Classification Solution

Crypttech VATOS DLP - Solution for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention & Data Classification

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system is a security software developed for the protection of sensitive data.

VATOS DLP comes with a variety of built-in policies, varying from compliance to appropriate usage to intellectual property, allowing you to match entire and partial documents to a robust set of guidelines, ensuring that all of your confidential information, both known and unknown, is protected.

VATOS DLP integrates with data transmission gateways utilizing simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) or ICAP-compliant web proxies to help you implement policies for data leaving the network through email, webmail, instant messaging, wikis, blogs, portals, HTTP/HTTPS, and FTP transfers.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Web-Based Central Management
  • Big Data Infrastructure
  • Content Control
  • Device Control
  • Auto Discovery Capability
  • Application Control
  • Network-Based Control
  • Fingerprint Capability
  • LDAP Integration (Windows and Linux)
  • Control and Control at the Operating System Kernel Level
  • Horizontal and Vertical Scalability with Microservice Architecture
  • Container (Docker) Based Architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence Based Automatic and Manual Classification
  • OCR, ICR Capability
  • Fast Policy and Event Log Transmission
  • Customizable Agent Alerts
  • Email Notifications
  • Windows / Linux Support