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Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF® Awareness Training


Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF Awareness Training play a crucial role in aligning all stakeholders across the organization and ensuring they share a common language. Achieving consensus among IT, business units, operational teams, and other stakeholders through effective communication is integral to the success of corporate projects and the realization of long-term strategic goals.

Enterprise Architecture ensures that business and technology changes are compatible by making business strategies and the overall picture visible. By fully visualizing and elucidating the ‘Why, What, and How’ questions with real-world examples, it not only provides a clear perspective on the organization’s current state but also fosters the ability to envision its future.

The most significant benefits of education include:

  • Ensuring that stakeholders’ needs are understood/met
  • Ensuring business and IT alignment
  • Ensuring integration and data exchange between Layers and Architectures
  • Reducing repetitive work
  • Enhancing decision making

This course will offer a concise overview of establishing the primary components and operations of Enterprise Architecture using the TOGAF methodology. TOGAF, which stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework, is a trusted and well-established framework developed through the harmonious integration of various best practices, methods, and standards. These include processes, reference models (such as TRM and III-RM), as well as standards and architectural modeling techniques for various perspectives.

Target group

Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF Awareness Training is available for every unit within the organization. The recommended primary target audience includes:

  • Professionals involved in projects or initiatives.
  • Middle and senior managers.
  • Risk and governance experts.
  • Business, Data, Application, and Technology architects.
  • Business Analysts, Data architects, Application Development officers, and Technical infrastructure experts.
  • Project managers

Training Details

Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF Awareness Training is a half-day program, and the details of the program are provided below.

After every 50 minutes we will have a 10-minute break.

Session 1: Introduction to Enterprise Architecture Management (1,5 Hours)

  • What is Enterprise Architecture Management?
  • Why Enterprise Architecture Management?
  • Learning objectives
  • Historical Development of Architectural Management Frameworks

Session 2: Types of Architectural Management (1 Hour)

  • Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Management
  • Architectural Management in Learning Institutions

Session 3: TOGAF Standard and Its Components (1 Hour)

  • Architectural Development Method (ADM)
  • MGY Guide and Techniques
  • Architectural Content Framework (Deliverables, Building Blocks, Images)
  • Reference Models
  • Maintaining Corporate Integrity
  • Architectural Capability Framework

Session 4: Review and Closing Remarks (1/2 Hour)

TOGAF® & Enterprise Architecture Online Awareness Training Enrollment Form

Date: December 12th
Time: 9:00-13:00 PST