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What is IT4IT?

IT4IT was a new reference architecture standard for IT Organizations, developed by Open Group and made available to the IT industry, utilizing COBIT, ITIL and TOGAF, recommending IT units to plan and perform their own business as a business function, and was both a reference architecture standard for IT employees and managers. management configuration guide.

Open Grup’s IT4IT Reference Architecture Standard consists of a value chain-based operating model and a reference architecture for the management of the IT business. IT4IT Reference Architecture enables “Limitless Flow of Information” with continuous control and insight across the entire IT Value Chain and defines how IT business can be managed holistically with business business.

In addition, IT4IT Value Chain and Reference Architecture provides the answers to the end-to-end “HOW” question for the IT architecture, and provides the systematic monitoring and management of the services offered by IT within the service life cycle. The IT4IT Standard provides guidance describing how to design, provision, and deploy the functions and data objects needed to run IT.

IT4IT Foundation Training Content

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    • IT4IT Overview (Value Chain, Value Stream, IT Operating Model, Information Model, Service Model)
      Sample Exam Questions Related to the Subject
  • IT4IT Basic Concepts (Value Chain, Value Stream, Functional Components, Activities, Data Objects)
    • Sample Exam Questions Related to the Subject
  • IT4IT Core – Levels in Reference Architecture (Levels 1-5)
    • Sample Exam Questions Related to the Subject
  • Strategy to Portfolio (S2P) Value Stream
    • Sample Exam Questions Related to the Subject
  • Requirement to Deploy, R2D Value Stream
    • Sample Exam Questions Related to the Subject
  • Request to Fullfill, R2F Value Stream
    • Sample Exam Questions Related to the Subject
  • Detect to Correct, D2C Value Stream
    • Sample Exam Questions Related to the Subject
  • General Review
  • Summary of Functional Components and Associated Data Objects
  • IT4IT-ITIL Benchmark
  • Better, Faster, Cheaper IT with IT4IT
  • Sample Exam for Exam Preparation
  • Certification Exam

Who Should Attend IT4IT Foundation Training?

IT4IT Basic Training, IT employees of all levels;

  • Supply of Business, Software, Data and Technology tools,
  • Developing Business Software for Service Oriented Architecture and operating it as a service,
  • Integrating IT with Agile, Cloud, CI and DevOps concepts,

will enable them to understand the subject in a holistic way.

Recommended participant profile: Information Systems Executives, IT Strategy and IT Investment Planning Managers, Enterprise Architects, IT Managers, Project Managers, Analysts and System Designers, Business Analysts, Software Developers, IT Quality Managers and Employees, Risk and Compliance Managers and Employees, IT Infrastructure and Operations Managers and Staff.

Benefits of IT4IT Foundation Training

IT4IT accelerates the transformation of your organization into a digital institution, enabling you to achieve “digital transformation”.

IT4IT Training Calendar

Training is provided as open class and closed class. The training period varies according to the module, detail, consulting and customization needs.

You can contact us to request this training in your own institution as a closed class or for pre-registration or fill out the request form.

If you wish, you can get detailed information by calling (548) 409 0383 or writing to info@proya.net.

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