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Endpoint Management

IGEL technology delivers revolutionary software solutions for unified endpoint security and optimization.

IGEL Cosmos

Your Trusted Endpoint Bridge to the Cloud and Beyond

IGEL COSMOS is a secure endpoint platform, offers a simplified and secure approach to delivering digital workspaces for seamless access to any cloud while keeping costs in check. IT gains the flexibility to efficiently manage and secure remote endpoints, putting them in control. Meanwhile, end users experience a modern and seamless workflow on their device of choice, with access to essential apps, data, and tools, enabling productivity from virtually anywhere.

IGEL COSMOS includes the latest endpoint operation system IGEL OS 12 and IGEL OS 11, IGEL Universal Management Platform UMS12 and several value-added cloud services that enhance and optimize the user experience for both its staff and end-users.

IGEL COSMOS makes it easier than ever for organizations to harness the full power of cloud-delivered workspaces in any combination of on-premises, VDI, DaaS, or SaaS resources from any endpoint device.

Some benefits are:


  • Prevent to protect
  • Modular, read-only OS
  • Single port management
  • Authentication
  • Data protection


  • VDI, DaaS, or Saas
  • IGEL OS 11 and OS 12
  • Create, install apps
  • Any endpoint device
  • Ready for cloud


  • Set profiles, policies per use case
  • Apps for every user
  • Automate backend updates
  • Access to information, tools


  • Easy and quick onboarding
  • Single sign-on
  • Install apps on demand
  • Backend updates
  • No interruption to end-user
  • Relieve IT burden


  • Optimize IT resources
  • Use devices for longer
  • Easy updates, security patches
  • Less IT support cases
  • Reduce energy use

IGEL Workspace Edition

Elevate to World-Class Virtual Endpoint Computing

The IGEL Workspace Edition comprises all the fundamental components necessary for ultra-thin endpoint computing that is both highly secure, robust, and effortless to oversee.

IGEL Workspace Edition includes IGEL OS and Universal Management Suite (UMS).

IGEL OS is IGEL’s platform-independent Linux-based next-gen endpoint operating system for simple, smart, and secure endpoint control and optimization. IGEL OS turns any compatible x86-64 device or thin client into a secure IGEL-managed endpoint.

UMS is a software with a singular focus on enabling easy and secure endpoint management and control. UMS makes it easy for a non-expert to control and manage from just a few to up to 100,000 IGEL OS-powered endpoints with minimal training.

IGEL Enterprise Management Pack

Seamless Work from Anywhere using any Device

IGEL Enterprise Management Pack is designed to provide centralized management and control of IGEL OS-based endpoints in enterprise environments. The primary purpose of this pack is to simplify and enhance the management of thin clients, laptops, and other devices running the IGEL OS.

IGEL Management Pack includes IGEL Cloud Gateway, Shared Workspace, Asset Inventory Tracker.

Key features and capabilities of the IGEL Enterprise Management Pack include:

  • Endpoint Management: Full and transparent management of any remote device.
  • Ease of Use: End users connect and start using their devices almost immediately. Remote workers use the Shared Workplace function to log in their devices via the Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
  • Robust Security: Secure shadowing for remote on-device management and troubleshooting for the whole organization, tracking of all the peripheral devices connected to IGEL OS-powered endpoints via the UMS, even when these devices are transferred from any IGEL-managed endpoint to another with the organization, and protection against unauthorized device usage enhance overall security.
  • Cost Efficiency: Users connect securely via HTTPs based protocols, without requiring a VPN connection. The ability to share a single endpoint device among multiple users and reducing capital expenditures related to replacement of lost or broken peripheral devices leads to cost savings.

IGEL OS + Azure

IGEL OS + Citrix + Azure

IGEL UD Pocket: Work from Anywhere