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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Can you believe that you can easily adapt to the changes in your market? Can your architecture and organizational structure prove that your business functions and operations are suitable for your market purpose?

Enterprise architecture allows modeling and documentation related to four key interrelated architectural clusters (Business, Information, Systems and Technological Infrastructures) in business life. In this way, with the organizational plans produced under the developed Corporate Architecture framework, it allows you to improve your work quality and adapt to an efficient and manageable business process.

A well-designed Enterprise Architecture solution enables you to respond quickly to organizations and adapt quickly to markets that are open to opportunities and changes, with an adequate and positive understanding. The most important reason for these is that the clusters in the process work together and this gives you a technological advantage.

Enterprise Architecture Include:

  • Business process modeling (BPM), information, systems and technological infrastructure. Allowing graphical and text-based definitions to refresh models.
  • A structure with fully reviewable goals and objectives.
  • Base-level content and architecture delivery standards.

The enterprise architecture provides you with the following items in the organizational structure, which can be stored and managed, has a wide content and is fully integrated with the Enterprise Architecture:

  • Ability to respond quickly to change.
  • Reducing the administrative expenses of the IT infrastructure.
  • Improving the communication of the officials in the project and increasing the relations between the models.
  • Excellent support of business processes and analysis.

Choosing the right tool is a difficult issue in itself. It is the most optimum solution to choose a product that is produced in the light of the best practices in the sector, contains the standards set by international organizations, and that you can work with in a long-term, healthy and productive relationship with the manufacturer and/or supplier.

With more than 15 years of experience, PROYA has joined forces with MEGA International, which has 26 years of experience, to offer the Hopex IT Portfolio Management package, one of the most ambitious and comprehensive product families in GRC.

MEGA’s platform built on a central repository ensures that all your IT Portfolio Management goals reach each other.