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Portfolio, Program and Project Management Training for IT Organizations

Portfolio, Program and Project Management Training for IT Organizations


Institutions build their future with IT projects. When projects are not managed properly, they cannot be completed successfully. Projects are either part of a program created for a business goal. Or they are created as individual initiatives in the investment portfolio, independent of the programs. Programs are created for new business capabilities, while projects are often created to develop an existing business capability. The program and project portfolio must be constantly monitored and managed as a portfolio. Our aim with this training is to provide our companies/institutions with the knowledge that will enable them to manage their portfolios, programs and projects that they designed for their future in accordance with international standards.


As PROYA, instead of trainings aimed at providing employees with individual knowledge, we have adopted the mission of designing trainings that provide institutions with business skills and providing trainings that combine knowledge and experience.

If your strategic business goals are right, you have decided to do the right things. Now you need tactical achievements. That is to say, you should successfully manage your programs and projects. Your portfolio should include programs and projects that are properly selected and that support strategic business goals. You must complete your projects within the requested timetable, cost and quality terms, with the programs guaranteeing the business objectives. This is possible only by integrating and correctly managing the portfolio, program and project. In this tutorial, we will learn how to manage your portfolio, program and project together and successfully.


Portfolio, Program and Project Office managers and employees in companies and institutions, all other employees who want to gain portfolio, program and project management skills.

Training Management

We learn by ASKING/DISCUSSING and EXPERIENCING AND DOING it all our lives. Key concepts are discussed and analyzed. Participants’ answers and comments are received.
In education, there are common answers based on scientifically generally accepted standards and best practices. On the second day, action is taken with the information learned on the first day, and a workshop is held on the subject, supported by the “action learning” method.

Training Material

Each participant is provided with an educational booklet with presentations. If any, the information produced in the workshop is also shared with the participants after the study.

Training Program (2 Days)

First Day:

  • Basic Definitions and concepts in Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Enterprise Architecture – Business Capabilities – Portfolio/Program – Project and Business/IT Services Connectivity
  • Monitoring the Performance of Programs and Projects in the Portfolio
  • Principles of Project Management

Second Day:

  • Principles of Program Management
  • Principles of Portfolio Management
  • Performance Management in Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Workshop – Half a Day – Performance Management with Analysis of Value Gained in Projects

Certificate of Training

Each participant is given a training participation certificate signed by the trainer.

After Training Support

Within one year after the training, questions and consultations sent via e-mail are also answered via e-mail, within the scope of the effort to gain the job skills covered in the training, provided that it is limited to the subjects received and only to the people who participated in the training.