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Software Quality Continuous Monitoring

Software Quality Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring using TICS

TiCS is TIOBE’s software quality framework that allows you to effectively measure and monitor the software quality of all your software projects. The framework integrates all your software quality data of various tools into one convenient environment. Easily maneuver through your projects, locate files that need improvements, and generate to-do lists based on your quality checks to find out how your files can be improved.

TiCS comes in multiple layers, each for different levels of your organization.

  • Are you a software engineer? The IDE plug-ins will give immediate feedback on how you can improve the quality of your code.
  • Leading a team of many developers? See which projects require your attention and track how your software quality has changed over time using our TiCS viewer.
  • Do you manage multiple software development sites in your organization? Use our TiCS enterprise dashboard to track your entire organization’s development portfolio.