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ITPM (IT Portfolio Management)

ITPM (IT Portfolio Management)

IT Portfolio Management enables the digitization of information technologies (IT) initiatives that have been informal so far and enabling their scalability to be able to manage the activities of your IT investments, projects and IT departments of your organization in a much more systematic way. In addition, it makes it possible to maximize the added value provided by technology through objective investment assessment scenarios.

Protection of personal data and customer data has become a very important and difficult subject both in our country and in the world. Only in 2016, numerous violations were detected in our country in this regard, and as in abroad, the penalties imposed under the law numbered 6698 were paid in our country. Failure to protect personal data, in addition to the penalty paid, leads to even more serious consequences such as loss of customer confidence and loss of customers. Personal Data Protection (DPL) is just one of the issues that show the importance of IT Portfolio Management.

Three Phases of HOPEX IT Portfolio Management

Collect application and technology data

Assess business value and technical efficiency as well as any other relevant criteria

Compare multiple transformation scenarios

  • Breakdown costs by:
    • Labor costs
    • Infrastructure costs
    • License costs
    • Service costs
  • Plan costs over multiple years
  • Include recurring / non-recurring costs

Get insights into the technology portfolio

Get a comprehensive understanding of how technologies are used in your organization

Determine Application Service Criticality

  • Assess application criticality based on expected downtime
  • Deduce SLA level:
    • Critical (in seconds), Serious (minutes), Significant (hours), Minor (days)
  • Provides an overview of downtime requirements for each application
  • This knowledge lets the company reduce costs by paying only for necessary support. It also aids decisions on application upgrades and replacements that can significantly affect IT costs.

Manage Technology Lifecycles

  • As the technology goes through the different stages of its lifecycle, update and share its status to the organization and make sure dev teams use the right technologies
  • Plan application upgrades based on technology lifecycles

Integration with Flexera to Track Technology Obsolescence

Hopex IT Portfolio Management also offers categorized and organized software product lifecycles to IT administrators, integrated with BDNA Techopedia ™. This feature allows you to track and manage deprecated and ineffective products, and thus protect you from unnecessary and unexpected costs and expenses.

  • Automatically updates software technology lifecycles information in HOPEX repository
  • Avoids the hassle of manually updating technology lifecycles
  • Enables Portfolio Managers to better assess software technology portfolio, manage obsolescence and vendor support changes
  • Technopedia tracks ~1.2 million IT hardware models and software releases, and 57 million+ market data points.

Cast Highlight Integration – Software Code Scanning

  • CAST is the world leader in software intelligence
  • CAST Highlight provides a rapid and objective Portfolio Health Assessment
  • It uses Code Analysis to identify Software Resiliency, Agility, Complexity, as well as Cloud Readiness across large and distributed application portfolios

CAST Highlight Core Metrics Definitions

Software Resiliency indicates programming best practices that make software bullet-proof, more robust and secure. This index is derived through technology-specific code analysis that searches for the presence of code patterns and bad programming practices that may comprise the reliability of the software at short term. Higher is the Software Resiliency, lower is the likeligood of defects occuring in production.

Software Agility indicates the easiness of a development team to understand and maintain an application. This index is derived through technology-specific code analysis that searches for the presence of embedded documentation and code readability good practices.

Software Elegance measures the ability to deliver software value with less code complexity. A low Software Elegance score indicates decreased quality in the code resulting in higher defects that become costly to fix at mid-term.

CloudReady Index measures the readiness of your portfolio to engage with a Cloud Migration. Highlight scans 50+ different code patterns that make an application harder to migrate and run smoothly in the Cloud. Track issues like the use of COM components, usage of system DLLs or impersonate identity – and monitor improvements over time. Currently supported technologies are Java, C# and VB.Net.

HOPEX IT Portfolio Management Built on a Single Platform

  • All HOPEX solutions are built on a single platform
  • It provides a collaborative workspace integrated into a common repository
  • It gives you a single, integrated, and dynamic view of your business
  • It gives you a single, integrated, and dynamic view of your business with real-time tools for improved monitoring and decision-making

Application Taxonomy

  • HOPEX ITPM offers a ready-to-use taxonomy
  • It provides a comprehensive application description that covers all business and IT needs
  • It is fully customizable

Integration with ServiceNow

  • Quickly populate the HOPEX repository with IT assets coming from ServiceNow
  • Reciprocally, by defining the HOPEX platform as a single source of truth for applications, ensure that ServiceNow has an application inventory that reflects the strategic decisions made.
  • Define technology standards based on the IT policy

Application Exchange Graph Report

  • By selecting multiple applications in HOPEX IT Portfolio Management, quickly view all the exchanges between these applications in a graph rendering

Application Lifecycle

  • Define Application and Technology Lifecycle as well as deployment timeline

Allows IT leaders to have a clear view of lifecycles and better plan new application developments

Prioritize projects with heatmaps

Compare projects using a heat map report, and a summary table

Choosing the right tool is a difficult issue in itself. A product manufactured in consideration of the best practices in the industry and with which you can work in a long-term, healthy and efficient relationship with its manufacturer and / or supplier choosing is the most optimal solution.

With over 15 years of experience, PROYA has joined forces with MEGA International, which has 30 years of experience, and started to offer the Hopex IT Portfolio Management package, one of the most ambitious and comprehensive product families in the field of ITPM.