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IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Training

What is IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS?

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS (DOORS) is a robust requirements management tool widely used in industries like aerospace, defense, automotive, and healthcare to capture, track, and manage requirements throughout the project lifecycle. It ensures traceability from initial requirements through design, development, and testing, enabling teams to link requirements to specific project artifacts, thus maintaining comprehensive oversight and control over project specifications. DOORS supports collaboration among stakeholders by allowing real-time updates and feedback on requirements, and it provides powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor requirement changes and their impacts, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

With features such as version control, audit trails, and customizable views, IBM DOORS helps organizations maintain high-quality requirements documentation, facilitating better decision-making and project success. Its integration capabilities with other tools in the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management suite and third-party systems make it a versatile and essential tool for complex, regulated projects requiring meticulous requirements management.


Some features

Comprehensive Requirements Management: handles everything from capturing initial requirements to verifying compliance, providing a robust platform for effective management.

Seamless Collaboration: real-time collaboration; clarity across teams by establishing a single source of truth.

Traceability and Transparency: With DOORS, gain full traceability and transparency throughout the requirements lifecycle, effortlessly tracking changes and ensuring alignment. It links requirements with design elements, test plans, test samples, and other requirements.

Tailored Solutions: Customize DOORS to meet your project’s specific needs, whether in software development, systems engineering, or regulatory compliance.

Scalable and Secure: DOORS scales with your project’s growth while ensuring data security and compliance through robust security features.

Test Monitoring Toolkit: It includes the Test Monitoring Toolkit for manual testing environments for the testers to link requirements with the test instances.

Change Management: Understand impact of changes and track changes

Integrations: DOORS change management solutions handle changes to requirements through either a simple pre-defined change proposal system or a more comprehensive, customizable change control workflow.

Using DOORS for Requirements Management

The “Using DOORS for Requirements Management” training is a training that is necessary for all users (infrequent users, heavy users, administrators) who are likely to use DOORS to learn the basic features required. Almost all of DOORS’ significant features are covered through hands-on exercises in this lesson.

This training should not only be limited to the project responsible (analysts, system engineers, design engineers, developers, test engineers, project managers, etc.), but also the participation of our employees (tender managers, procurement managers, risk managers, etc.). who are responsible for the management or traceability of special requirements should also be ensured.

At the end of this training, participants will have knowledge and skills about simple requirements management methods such as process definition, requirements decomposition, data organization, management of changes and gap analysis. It is a 2 days training.

Education Subjects:

  • Introduction to Requirements Management
  • Requirements Structure in DOORS Users
  • Information Content in DOORS
  • Links and Traceability
  • Change Control and Tracking
  • Course Review
  • Working with Folders and Projects
  • Managing and Working With Attributes
  • Advanced Linking
  • Importing and Exporting
  • Change Management
  • Course Review

DOORS Administration

This training is necessary to learn the basic management features required for all users (System Admins, DOORS Admins) who are likely to manage DOORS.

At the end of this training, participants will have knowledge and skills on DOORS Structure and Configuration, Installation options, Licensing, Back-up and Recovery methods, Controlled Access to Data. It is a 1-day training.

Education Subjects

  • Introduction to DOORS and System Administration
  • Installation using UNIX server
  • Key components of DOORS
  • Installation as a service
  • Licensing
  • Removing the service
  • PC installation
  • Database administration
  • UNIX installation
  • DOORS data structure
  • Licensing diagnostics
  • DOORS over a WAN
  • Protecting your user’s investment
  • Modes
  • Optimisation issues
  • Access rights
  • DDBS technical specifications

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Training Calender

Training is provided as an open class and closed class. The training is a 2-days training.

You can contact us to request this training in your own institution as a closed class or for making pre-registration or you may fill out the request form.

If you wish, you can get detailed information by calling (548) 409 0383 or writing to info@proya.net.

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