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Ivanti Endpoint Manager

Ivanti apps automatically find any device in any area, improving and protecting it. Ivanti offers the best solutions in the field of information security to your organization and structure.

It provides fast, effective, scalable protection for organizations and protects from current threats. Ideal for servers, thin-client and endpoints. By defining your applications, it prevents unauthorized operation or installation of your undefined applications, ensures that all ports and accesses on the computer can be monitored and closed, provides update and patching solutions to protect against current vulnerabilities and protects your system against current virus and malware threats.

Ivanti Endpoint Management Security Suite Overview

Ivanti Application Control

It prevents memory-based threats while providing virus and malware protection by preventing the execution of unidentified, unknown, untrusted applications.

  • It prevents unwanted or unauthorized applications from running, except for applications defined by the whitelist method.
  • It recognizes trusted software and allows it to be run and authorized, while blocking other unauthorized software.
  • It provides full protection against Cryptolocker and ransomware threats with detailed application control.
  • It protects against Zero-day attacks without waiting for the development of an anti-virus signature by preventing unrecognized applications from running.
  • It supports all executable file types ; .EXEs, .DLLs, .COMs, etc.
  • It provides advanced reports on all application activities by recording all application events (Allowed/Blocked).

Ivanti Application Control Part 1

Ivanti Application Control Part 2

Ivanti Application Control Part 3

Ivanti Device Control

It prevents and protects from the effects of data leaks by applying advanced usage policies for removable devices and ports.

  • Supports all Windows recognized ports and devices (including Plug-and-Play and user-defined devices).
  • By encrypting USB sticks against theft and loss (USB Encryption), it provides encryption of all data transfer.
  • Temporary, read-only, scheduled permissions or detailed restrictions can be made for any device.
  • It provides extra protection by protecting your endpoints from malware attacks that may come from USB sticks.
  • It provides detailed reports by recording all device movements (read/write/allowed/blocked, etc.).

Ivanti Device Control Overview