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IBM Rhapsody

What is IBM Rhapsody?

SysML is a modeling language that provides system-level analysis and design of complex systems supported by OMG. Reasons such as platform, development process, and domain independence make SYSML a mandatory standard to be applied for companies that develop software and systems every day.
Nowadays, many companies developing mechanical, electronic and software make system development processes reliable, easy, feasible and reusable with the advantages offered by SYSML.

As PROYA, we have been providing training, consulting and development tools to companies developing software and systems for more than 6 years. Our company aims to explain the use of SysML in solving complex system engineering problems with 4-days SysML training to the participants accompanied by our expert trainers in the field through current and easily understandable examples and to increase the competence of the participants within the scope of model-driven development.

Rhapsody Designer Training for System Engineers (4 days)

Rational Rhapsody Designer is the greatest assistant to system engineers when creating complex embedded system designs. Together with Rhapsody Designer, you can perform UML/SysML modeling, simulate models, perform requirements analysis, and document automatically. With Rhapsody, you can provide comprehensive life cycle monitoring by means of its one-to-one interoperability with configuration management technologies.

Training Subjects:

Main Topics

Introduction to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), SysML and Rhapsody Requirements Analysis

  • OSLC based requirements, traceability, coverage anlysis and impact analysis
  • Modeling Use Cases

Functional Analysis

  • Modeling Activities
  • Modeling Basic Structure
  • Modeling Sequence Diagrams
  • Modeling State Machines
  • Modeling Interfaces

Model Checking and Execution Design Synthesis

  • Decomposition, Allocation and Handoff
  • Reporting


  • Learn the product in the context of a system engineering process flow to ensure you are comfortable applying Rhapsody at all phases of system analysis and design
  • Create systems level models with full traceability to oslc-based requirements, impact and coverage analysis
  • Validate systems models through execution

Rhapsody Developer Training for Software Engineers (1 day)

IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer is a visual development environment for (UML)-based embedded, real-time or for technical application software development and it provides model-based embedded software development. By Rhapsody Developer, an improvement is achieved at C, C++, Java and/or ADA languages and direct working code can be generated from the Model and working object codes can be sent to the target environment (on a real-time operating system or on an environment without an operating system).

Training Subjects:

Main Topics

  • Introduction to Application Lifecycle Management
  • Overview of IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Managing work items in IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Working with Jazz source control in IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Working with Jazz builds in IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Tracking project status in IBM Rational Team Concert


  • Explain the IBM Rational Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) approach
  • Accept an invitation to join a Rational Team Concert project team
  • Find, create, and manage work items in Rational Team Concert
  • Make changes to components under Rational Team Concert source control
  • Create builds in Rational Team Concert
  • Track data with Rational Team Concert reports
  • Create and use a dashboard to view Rational Team Concert content

IBM Rhapsody Training Calendar

Training is provided as an open class and closed class. The training is a 4-days training.

You can contact us to request this training in your own institution as a closed class or for making pre-registration or you may fill out the request form.

If you wish, you can get detailed information by calling (548) 409 0383 or writing to info@proya.net.

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