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Agility isn’t just one of the most popular words today, it’s also the most hollow one. This approach, which once aimed to create a direct line between the skills of the project teams, product quality and customer satisfaction, can now be the selling sentence of any aimless work.

However, don’t feel bad. Now you have a partner you can trust for your agile transformation needs. Choose our agile transformation package, which is a combination of our audit, training and consultancy services, and your competitors will see what real agility is!

In the first stage, the company is examined and the ‘class compositions’ required for the trainings are drawn. Projects are selected and the overall strategy is determined. This service, the duration of which may vary according to needs, is free of charge.

In the second stage, the current maturity level of the company is measured. This step, which can be seen as a lightened CMMI audit, will be useful to see the stage you have reached at the end of the service.

Half of the trainings are then delivered to include half of the pilot project team. The aim here is to evaluate half of the covered projects before the pilot and the other half after the pilot. To make the experience more rewarding, the pilot team is divided into two. A pilot study is conducted with the first group. The second group is added to the pilot studies later to provide an objective view.

Training consists of seven stages:

1) The first day is the stage where the whole team participates and general information is given.

2) The second day is a special training for product owners

3) The third day is a special training for process owners.

4) The first half of the fourth day is a special training for the team.

5) The second half of the fourth day is a working simulation in which the “desireur, product owner, team and process owner” participates.

6) The fifth day is a strategy development exercise with customers, management and employees.

7) It is a special training for transformation owners, given at the end of the trainings.

8) Pilot project studies.

9) Following the pilot studies, company maturity is re-measured and compared with previous findings.

10) These are the dissemination project studies carried out after the pilot project is on track.

The Scrum Smart Agile Transformation service package has been prepared for 36 people. Adjustments can be made as needed.

“In three months, let your thirty-six employees be agile for three projects!”

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