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Robusta RPA

Robusta RPA

Automate your business with Robusta to increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduce costs, eliminate errors and enhance employee and customer satisfaction

Robusta RPA is a Robotic Process Automation vendor, providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes. Robusta RPA enables hyper-automation in organizations of all sizes with its simple-to-use, BPM-native, no-code RPA platform.

The robot can be triggered manually or automatically, move or populate data between prescribed locations, document audit trails, conduct calculations, perform actions and trigger downstream activities. This robotic digital workforce handles manual, repetitive work at a much faster speed, makes zero mistakes, augments the work of your employee workforce and helps your employees to focus on higher-value work such as customer service, exception handling and business performance analysis.

Using a new generation web based interface, Robusta RPA lets you quickly build, deploy and manage automated robots which interact across internal enterprise systems, web sites, web portals, desktop applications and other data sources—without requiring APIs, scripting or coding.

Robusta RPA combines robotic process automation and business process management to empower organizations to automate and digitally transform human and information processes.

With Robusta RPA, enterprises of all sizes, BPO providers and shared service organizations can achieve exceptional benefits in operational quality, speed and cost. Robusta RPA’s rapid ROI is powered by robot automation technology that can be rapidly implemented and is complementary to your primary business systems.


Robusta RPA is made up of three key components

Robusta Design Studio: The Robusta RPA Design Studio is a visual drag&drop environment where business analysts and developers can visually build, test and debug robots without writing any code.

Robusta Orchestrator: Reaching the full potential of RPA with robots scaled across many parts of the organization requires centralized control over their deployment and management. The Robusta Orchestrator governs the deployment, management and monitoring of RPA operations.

Robusta Robots: Robusta RPA robots interact with virtually any legacy enterprise application or modern business systems, web site, portal, database, and content (e.g. PDFs, Excel, XML, Files …) Data is extracted, processed and passed between applications, websites, portals, mail systems and databases, while business rules and logic are applied throughout the workflow.

Thanks to the integrated and free OCR application that comes with Robusta, you do not have to endure unseen difficulties for your OCR features.

Many features such as text structure, categorization, principles, image processing, intelligence, which are different artificial intelligence cells, are also integrated in Robusta RPA.


  • BPM-Native Platform for complex processes
  • No-Code Design for minimum process design effort
  • Ultra-Efficient-Architecture for simple maintenance
  • Embedded Cognitive (AI) Capabilities for lower TCO

Watch the video to explore Robusta RPA

Watch the video to see how Robusta RPA can read documents using the OCR technology