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HOPEX ITPM Cast Highlight Integration

HOPEX ITPM Cast Highlight Integration

Cast Highlight

  • CAST is the world leader in Software Intelligence
  • CAST Highlight provides a rapid and objective Portfolio Health Assessment
  • It uses Code Analysis to identify Software Resiliency, Agility, Complexity as well as Cloud Readiness across large and distributed application portfolios

CAST Highlight Core Metrics Definitions

Software Resiliency indicates programming best practices that make software bullet-proof, more robust and secure. This index is derived through technology-specific code analysis that searches for the presence of code patterns and bad programming practices that may comprise the reliability of the software at short term. Higher is the Software Resiliency, lower is the likeligood of defects occuring in production.

Software Agility indicates the easiness of a development team to understand and maintain an application. This index is derived through technology-specific code analysis that searches for the presence of embedded documentation and code readability good practices.

Software Elegance measures the ability to deliver software value with less code complexity. A low Software Elegance score indicates decreased quality in the code resulting in higher defects that become costly to fix at mid-term.

CloudReady Index measures the readiness of your portfolio to engage with a Cloud Migration. Highlight scans 50+ different code patterns that make an application harder to migrate and run smoothly in the Cloud. Track issues like the use of COM components, usage of system DLLs or impersonate identity – and monitor improvements over time. Currently supported technologies are Java, C# and VB.Net.

Get New Metrics Based on Software Code

  • CAST Highlight scans software code and provides related metrics
  • IT departments get additional clarity on their in-house apps so they know what to retire, merge or reprioritize.

Track software code quality over time

  • Quickly understand Portfolio Health. Monitor software risk over time including:
    • Risks of unavailability of applications
    • The ability to transfer and maintain applications
    • The complexity of software code

Move application to the cloud

  • Helps you assess application cloud-readiness to streamline further your IT portfolio
  • Cloud readiness are based on metrics stemming from Cast Highlight and surveys to application owners

HOPEX – CAST Highlight Integration

Provides metrics tied to software code and cloud readiness for in-house applications

Main Use Cases

Rationalize in-house applications

  • Make informed decisions on in-house applications to keep, merge, sunset or reprioritize according to your context & objectives

Move to the cloud

  • Assess the Cloud Readiness of portfolio to whether optimize cost, elasticity or build smarter applications

Monitor IT health & risk

  • Quickly understand Portfolio Health & monitor Software Risk over time

Integration Benefits

  • High level of integration to CAST Highlight
    • Bidirectional information between CAST and HOPEX IT Portfolio Management
    • Integrated process: launch scan campaigns directly from HOPEX IT Portfolio Management
    • Data stickiness: assess application information over time
    • Enrich the HOPEX single Repository with new metrics.
  • Bring a true 360 view of applications including business perspective, cost, lifecycles, deployments and software code analysis.
  • ITPM with CAST Highlight bring together, a valuable solution to move applications to the cloud.