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IT Business Continuity and Service Management Training

IT Business Continuity and Service Management Training


The basic requirement in IT organizations is service continuity. Quality is defined as the degree to which requirements are met. Risk is the effect of uncertainty on our objectives. By increasing quality and reducing uncertainty and risk, we guarantee continuity of service. Our aim with this training is to enable our companies/institutions to gain the necessary theoretical knowledge to solve IT Business Continuity and Service Management problems and to effectively solve existing service continuity problems.


As PROYA, we have made it our mission to design trainings that provide business skills to institutions, and to offer training that combines knowledge and experience, rather than trainings that aim to provide individual certification to employees.

To guarantee business continuity, there is a need for a service-oriented architectural design in the integrity of the Enterprise architecture, a well-prepared business impact analysis, an IT Business Continuity and Service Management System, managed with Service Level (SLA) and Operations Level (OLA) agreements, monitored with various metrics. .

An IT Business Continuity and Service Management System, which is constantly improved by measuring, must be established and operated in an integrated manner with all management systems of the institution. This training is for institutions and their employees who want to guarantee business continuity in their institutions. In this course, we’ll learn how to effectively and efficiently ensure and maintain business continuity and turn it into a Business Talent.

Target group

Employees of companies and institutions in IT Quality Management, Information Security and Risk Management, IT Infrastructure and Operations Management, IT Service Management and Application Development departments.

Education Management

Throughout our lives, we learn by ASKING/DEBATING and EXPERIENCED-DOING. For this reason, questions to be answered in the training are given at the beginning of each theoretical topic. Key concepts are discussed and analyzed. Participants’ answers and comments are received. The training includes common answers based on generally accepted standards (ITIL, COBIT, ISO 20000, ISO 22301) and best practices. In the afternoon of the second day, a workshop is held to develop a Business Impact Analysis, supported by the “action learning” method.

Training Program (2 Days)

The programs of our trainings in open classes (classes with participants from different institutions) are as follows. In closed-class institution trainings, the program is customized to the needs of the institution and the subject of the workshop is determined together with the institution.

First Day:

  • Basic Concepts and Definitions of Service and Service Quality
  • Business Capabilities – Business Processes – IT Services
  • Enterprise Architecture and Service Architecture
  • Business Impact Analysis – Business Continuity Plan
  • Availability and service continuity calculation
  • SSA and OSA Configuration – Examples

The second day:

  • Call, Issue and Problem Management
  • Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving Methods
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions
    Measurement Design for Business Continuity (OM, KPI, MAO, MTBD, MBCO, RPO, RTO)
  • Crisis management
  • Workshop – Half Day – Business Impact Analysis

Education Certificate

Each participant is given a training participation certificate signed by the trainer.

Post Training Support

Within one year after the training, questions and consultations sent via e-mail are also answered via e-mail, within the scope of the effort to gain the job skills covered in the training, provided that it is limited to the subjects received and only to the people who participated in the training.