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IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

Advanced Requirements Management for Systems Engineering

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation is a requirements management tool for storing, categorizing, linking, and sharing product requirements with stakeholders such as reviewers, designers, testers, and developers.

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation helps your teams to reduce development costs up to 57%, increase marketing time up to 20%, and reduce quality costs up to 69% to manage your requirements.

Rational DNG, a new generation requirements management solution built with a web client and IBM Jazz technology, connects teams in different locations to the same formal modules, providing a single platform for more effective project management.

Rational DOORS Next Generation is a collaboration tool that allows your teams to collaborate more effectively across disciplines, customers, and subcontractors.

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation provides:

  • Enhanced collaboration environment for requirements management that supports project collaboration and engineering applications for complex and embedded systems; Interoperability between IBM Rational DOORS versions.
  • Enhanced web support for rich text formatting, diagrams and graphics in order to collect and manage requirements.
  • Integrated requirements management tools for superior design, development and testing processes during the software engineering lifecycle.
  • Compliance with industry standards and legislation, and expanded planning and lifecycle capabilities.