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IBM Rational DOORS Web Access

IBM Rational DOORS Web Access

Web-based access to the Rational DOORS Requirements Management Application

Rational DOORS allows you to capture, track, analyze changes in requirements, and it allows you to prove compliance with management and regulations and standards. There are two versions as DOORS client and DOORS Web Access.DOORS client works based on exe, provides the opportunity to use all the capabilities of DOORS to the fullest detail, you can also manage your users in the DOORS client version, and you can perform operations which require admin permission (such as backup, restore.).

DOORS Web Access(DWA) gives you web-based access to the requirements in an IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS (DOORS) database. DWA has two types of access, reviewer mode, and editor mode. In Reviewer mode, you have read-only access to projects, folders, and formal modules, but you can comment on requirements. If you have access to a license for editor mode, you can create, copy, edit, move, and delete requirements and attributes on the formal module.

Rational DOORS Web Access helps you to promote collaboration and the use of requirements in your development process. This Web client provides access to the central requirements repository and informal requirements discussions.

Requirements Repository: It allows stakeholders to add new requirements through a Web client, analyze or consider existing requirements in detail, and validate a specification.

Traceability: Allows development teams to create two-way traceability for impact analysis and traceability compliance.

Through requirements discussions, encourages collaboration between bussiness users, marketing, contractors, systems engineers, and business analysts.

Scalability: Improves scalability by increasing the number of users who use the single requirement repository simultaneously.